Teen Facial

3 Treatments for $240.00
Designed to treat adolescent skin, exfoliation appropriate for that age, removing impurities such as comedones called blackheads.

-Includes: Cleanser, exfoliation and gentle extraction

Signature Facial

It is designed to ensure luminous and firm skin using good quality products to provide what your skin needs.

Includes: Double cleanser, Beta plus (salicylic acid, retinol, licorice extract, bearberry extract, mulberry extract) plus radiofrequency and LED light therapy $250.00

Facial Rejuvenation

Special treatment to reduce expression lines, improving skin texture, giving an improvement to the face. We use lyre green power, an alternative to microneedling, managing to stimulate collagen and elastin, leaving luminous skin.


It is a chemical peel that has 35% TCA that works very well on acne problems, spots, scars and improves delicate pores. 3 to 4 sessions are recommended with intervals of 7 to 14 days, achieving smooth and soft luminous skin.


In this treatment we use a scalpel to remove facial hair (fluff). We eliminate dead cells achieving exfoliation. Thus achieving greater penetration of active products, leaving healthy skin.

This is the first step to radiant and fresh skin

Acne Boot Camp

(Consultation) $150.00 / Boot Camp (1 hour) $110.00

First Consultation

We will start with an evaluation defining your type of acne, your history, we will answer your concerns and choose the best for your routine depending on your needs.


The Acne Boot Camp is a personal commitment to the success of your treatment, you agree to invest approximately $190.00 to $250.00 in product for home support, which is very important to achieve the desired results.


Each treatment session will be personalized according to your needs, this will take place every 15 days. Your progress towards success will be your regimen at home and the results will be noticeable.

10% discount on your first treatment

So don't think twice and contact us